Monday, January 31, 2011

"Pepsi Blue"

#40 She's done! Watercolor on 300 lb. Arches CP paper. 15" X 43"

I am so pleased with her. There is a photo in my album of this young lady and i had wanted to paint her for a very long time. So glad i saved her for last as it was such a thrill to finish the long list of paintings with her. It is really the first figurative piece i have done and now i am thinking it will not be the last. Capturing people at work or play is quite fascinating to me.

Now i'm off to the framers with the last two. I hope all are well and
happily painting out there in Bloggerland.  It is close to -30 today so me thinks a wee coffee with sketch book and note pad sounds good. I have to do titling and pricing, which i can do at a Starbucks with my lap top. By for now! God bless everyone...


  1. and a fantastic one to end the long list with!
    Absolutely gorgeous .
    Stay well, keep warm xx

  2. Ross, you have captured such great light in this painting! It is truly beautiful.
    Stay warm! We are expecting a snowstorm tomorrow and I will stay home and paint:-)

  3. Thanks so much Pat. I have been staying warm in the studio getting ready.
    Thanks Christiane for dropping by and for your very encouraging words. I am just now pricing and such. The doubts are setting in as the show gets closer. It is pretty usual and being on the stage is not comfortable for me. I'll let you all know how it goes! Until then happy painting!

  4. Ross, great piece. I love how you captured this young lady's personality. Great light and love the hair.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.