Saturday, January 15, 2011

"South Middleton"

Just finished this one about an hour ago. I am trying to take photos of them right away, title them and file them away as soon as they are done so i do not lose track. The other day i took a bunch to the framers and realized i had not done the filing and titling etc. Got too hasty i did. 

I tried different color combinations with this one and found it to be quite lively when done. I enjoy experimenting with different colors and mixes. That is my main focus when i paint. Layering in bright vibrant color. I enjoy seeing how they react next to one another. This painting is 7" X 29". 

It is late and i am fading as the gallery has been my home for many days now. Might have to call it a day. Good night all and God bless.  


  1. Ross, you have been working so hard...but you have lots to show for it! I really like your yellows and blues!

  2. Hi Christiane. Thank you for your visits. It is nice to see you here. This painting was such fun as i used what i call my "Fun Pallette". It is one i compiled with all the old tubes of discarded paint i never used. When i need a jolt, much like a blast of caffeine or sugar, i turn to this pallette.
    Gets me out of the box for sure.