Thursday, January 27, 2011


I'm still plugging away at this which is good considering there was a point i thought it may not work. The colors were not working together. There was something not quite right and i had been unable to figure out what it was. So i washed off the sky, re-applied the masking, and went to work intensifying and adjusting the color relationships. The foreground i left alone as i was quite happy with that, the sidewalk was too gray and unappealing so i added color and swatches of blue for sparkle, the buildings needed depth so i washed over them with blues, yellows and greens. Then i darkened the buildings near the end of the street so they would recede more. The focal point of this piece is the Pointe building on the corner which will receive different treatment than the others. I still have much to do. The little people, the starry sky, some highlights on the clouds, the windows and such. I'm pleased with where it is going and can "see" the result i want which was not the case two days ago.

This is number 39 and i have 40 on the go. Four more painting days left! There is no pressure now and i'm having fun once again. There may even be time to try an acrylic or two. I'd love to have a canvas in the show but i am not an acrylic painter and have that on my list of things to do when done with the Opening.


  1. Wow! It looks great! I really like the additions and modifications that you have made. Can't wait to see pictures of your show!

  2. Thanks Christiane. I will have to post all the paintings pretty soon. That will mean a nice big coffee, some great music and a wee spot of time at the computer. Looking forward to that.