Sunday, April 28, 2013

"Lo Bello" (Beautiful)

This girl was too hard to resist and needed to be painted. She has also been selected to be in the 8th Calgary Timeraiser. 
This will be the second time i have had the good fortune of being selected for this gala event which is an art related endeavour to raise volunteer hours for select charities. People bid on the paintings using hours which are then directed toward the charity of their choosing. Once the volunteer hours have been completed the winning bidder gets to painting. They have one year to complete the task. The artists are paid ahead of time for the artwork. Everyone benefits. 
This is an acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas. 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

"Bonhomme Deneige"

A wee watercolour, approximately 15 X 22. My but it has been a long while since last i posted. Got busy with preparations for an exhibition in March and time goes by. Had a successful show with some acrylics even. New directions ahead! Must build a website i think. Try new things and continue exploring. There is not enough time in this old life to learn all there is to learn about watercolour or to experience all the wonderful things possible with this most beautiful of mediums. Acrylics are fun but watercolour is a passion. Or an obsession! Both i suppose. Hope all are well there in blogger land.