Saturday, November 7, 2009

"Our Back Alley"

My wife suggested i do a painting of our back alley
so I didi! I began with a sketch which was fairly accurate as far as our alley goes, but then the fun begins when it is transferred to the paper. We do have a hole in our fence for the dog to look through, and a tree house for our youngest, Katarina.  We discovered a lady bug colony in the tree house yesterday and everyone was pretty excited to see how they nest for the winter, all huddled up in a cluster of a couple hundred or so. The tree house is now called the "Lady Bug Hotel".

WIP "Harbor Town II"

My first WIP. I know, I should have started the photos at the beginning,  but took this photo at this stage because i got stuck and did not know where to take it from here. Thought i might post it for fun,
as i so enjoy the WIP's others have shared with us.

This is the finished painting.  Someone came in and bought it right off the easel which was pretty exciting. I think i shall start "Harbor Town III" now.