Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"Water Lily"

Wow, it's been so long since last i posted, i almost forgot how! Since my show i have not been doing a lot of painting but manage to come to the studio and putter most days. To get started again i thought i must do a flower painting as i had not ever done one before. I've now done two! They are actually a lot of fun as there is much in the way of pattern and shape which i am drawn to. I tried new paper too for this one just to get out of the old rut. This is "Waterford" 300lb. Cold pressed and i found it to be more like a Hot pressed and the paper absorbed a lot of the color which made it harder to lift. It did perform pretty well otherwise and i will most likely keep a supply on hand but have returned to the ever trustworthy "Arches". I suppose it is whatever one gets used to.  Hope all are doing well and enjoying their painting time. God bless each and every one. Ross