Friday, February 18, 2011

"Dancer" and "Priscilla"

I love doing boat reflections. The patterns intrigue me.
I also love to do cows still. To me they are such beautiful animals who give us so much. I'm planning on becoming a vegetarian and just do cow paintings.
I named this one after my sister. She didn't mind.


  1. Ross, your reflections in the water are so fascinating! Do become a vegetarian, but you have to continue to give us the enjoyment of your whimsical villages:-)

  2. Hi Christiane. I shall continue on with the villages for sure, as they are what intrigues me the most. I am also enjoying your flower paintings. They do take a fair bit of patience i believe. I've tried them several times without much success. So glad you were able to stop by...

  3. ross!
    what a gift you have!
    nikonsniper steve

  4. i think u are on the right way if u want to be vegetarian :D the reflection in the water is soberb, it remind me the textures of klimt :) nice work !