Saturday, January 29, 2011

"Etch A Sketch"

Can you find the "Etch A Sketch"? I really had no idea there would even be an Etch A Sketch here but it was just sort of there as i was painting. I love those little surprises. This was based on a doodle i had done in one of my sketch books. I've used up most of the sketch book ideas now. I'll have to replenish them soon. Still working on the young lady. It is becoming harder than expected to finish her as she is the last one. I've been thinking too much about the things that need to be done next week. Tomorrow is the last painting day. Thanks for dropping by! Cheers!


  1. What a rich imagination you have, Ross! Delightful characters!

  2. hahaaha - there it is, in pink! Brilliant :)

    the surprises like that in my paintings are usually dogs :)

  3. Thanks Christiane. My imagination has been on "tilt" these past few months. Smile! It will be nice to take a wee break now. But yes, these little characters inhabit my waking moments. it is nice to share them with everyone.

    Pat, I had to chuckle when i read your comment about the dogs appearing in your paintings. Art is such a fun thing to do. The surprises make it quite the ride. Thanks for stopping by...

  4. The delicacy of this painting touched me in such a sweet way... Can´t say how much I loved it!