Thursday, January 27, 2011


Almost done! I needed a wee break so thought i would share this near final stage. Now is the fun part where i can just sit and tweak things. The little people will be last. I have to finish the Pointe building and the street poles. The sky is done, foreground, buildings. They never really turn out the way i imagine them to. From start to finish things change along the way which is good as sometimes the painting knows better what it needs. I try to listen to it as i go and hear what it is saying. Next up is the finished piece. If i don't spill coffee on it or something like that. It's happened!

1 comment:

  1. Ross, please don't spill any coffee on this painting! It's too good! Paintings do have a mind of their own sometimes and our job as the painter is probably, as you say, to listen to what it is saying.
    Great job, Ross!