Sunday, January 23, 2011


Okay, here is my WIP. The first image is a drawing of a local area in Calgary called Kensington. I make the drawing fairly whimsical. I have to start with something though, so i take a photo and work from that. Here i have masked all the buildings and the people as i am looking for an outline effect on the buildings. The people will get painted in last. 

Once the masking is dry i decide what my colors will be and begin by laying in large washes over the sky and then the foreground. For the sky i mixed five colors, three blues and two reds. I just let them mingle on the palette and dip into the different pools as i put the paint on from left to right. It is important to mix more paint than you might need. If you run out half way across it can be a bit of a problem. I had an instructor once who said "paint like a millionaire". I know now what she meant! 

For the foreground i mixed five separate pools of color again, two reds, two yellows and a blue.  I let them mingle and lay them in from left to right. I leave little patches of white in both areas and will use them later. Now i have to let it all dry really well before i go over it again. This is where i can pick up another painting to work on while i wait. Or do a blog posting. By for now!


  1. This is great, Ross! Thank you!
    Do you apply your washes on wet or dry paper, if you don't mind my asking....

  2. Hi Christiane. Not problem at all. I mix lots of paint and apply to dry paper. I find the colors are more intense that way. I don't do a lot of brushing either, preferring to just lay the paint down and leave it. It will mix a bit on the paper then and i love the surprise when done. I'll do the sky and the foreground probably three or four times at least and then start to see patterns forming and try to highlight them or use them in some way. Hope to have the next image tomorrow.