Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"Van Isle"

This could be a maritime coastal village somewhere down the road from "Peggy's Cove". A place where fisherman gather and chat about the days catch over a pint or two. Watercolor on 300lb. Arches CP paper.
22" X 30"

"After School"

I've been inspired lately by so many fine Quebec artists it is hard to remember them all. I do spend far too much time on the internet though scouring art galleries and artists web sites. I find it encouraging as well as inspiring seeing what everyone is up to. Recently i've toured England
(via the computer of course) and the wonderful art work one can find there. It is all just so lovely.
This piece was a departure for me in a way. I wanted it to be less labor intensive than the others i do and somehow a little looser. So this is as loose as i could get. Hopefully i can loosen up even more as this was just such a delight to pull off. I'm trying to be braver with my shadows and find they really do make a painting come to life.
Happy day to all!

"Baptiste Valley"

I had a spare bit of paper beside another painting i was working on and doodled my way to "Baptiste Valley"! I often have two, maybe three on the go at any time so there is something else to do while i wait for paint to dry or ideas to come. There are more pleasant surprises this way. By for now!