Thursday, July 30, 2009

"Girls Night Out"

My most recent work. Think the paint is still a bit damp.  These chickens are fun to do. I've added the roosters and small farm in the background to add interest. This is watercolor on 400 lb. cold pressed paper.  Just gotta love that real heavy paper....
 I call this one "Small Town".  Another in the whimsical take on small villages, winter scenes. I enjoy doing these and love to see them evolve.  There are several more on the drawing board just now. 

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I called this guy "Strider". I found him hanging around a garbage bin one day and took a few photos. Thought i might try to do it all in blues and purples as opposed to black which i think worked considering the night time angle....

Sunday, July 26, 2009

This is my one and only oil painting. I think i will have to break them out again as i really enjoy the freedom you have with oils. My son's dog is a Boxer we call Pezzo and he was a very co-operative little model for this painting. I just love this little guy.  

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Rush Hour

I saw a photo of a lady bug and got the idea for this painting. Once again i used the complementary colors of red against green. i tried to do several more like this but none of them worked out so i think i was just meant to do this one. It became one of my favorites.

Janus Crow

I love crows and ravens and often go out to gather a few photos of these very entertaining characters. This one was watching me from his perch on the edge of a garbage bin at Granville Island, Vancouver. I got a few good angles and thought he would be a handsome subject for a painting. He is now perched on the walls of a Jr. High school library so many can watch him instead. 


This is a painting i did of my step-daughter Kat. She appears in lots of my whimsical landscape paintings and is such a good little model. She even approved of this one so i was pleased. 


This is a portrait of a friends little girl. I thought i had gone to far with it and some of the paint became muddy. I thought i would try going in with a pit pen afterward and try to resurrect it some, and i think it worked. At least i was pleased with how it looked. It is still not finished. One day i will put in the water and beach. 

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


My son's girlfriend has this adorable little Beagle/Pug cross. I think he is called a "Bug".
"Peagle" does not sound nearly as nice. His name is Farley and he is quite a character, always on the move. Hence the butterflies. I thought it worked as he looks a bit weary or befuddled all the time. Must be from his constant antics. This was done with watercolor on Arches 300 lb. cold pressed paper. 

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Okay, i don't always do winter scenes. Just to prove it here is a landscape i called "Sundown". I love strong patterns and the use of bold colors. It tends to make for an exciting combination. Several people requested a painting like this one after it sold. So i have work! That is a good thing.    

Mount Joy

Yet another winter scene. The gallery owner i show in was telling me winter scenes are not as popular as summer ones. People feel cold when they look at them I suppose. But i love doing them and can put all kinds of light transparent colors into the snow portions of the painting. And the nice thing is they have ben selling so i shall keep on with them. Just cause i like to do so. This too is watercolor. 

The Land the Never Melts

I got the idea for this one from a vase i saw in a book. The patterns and colors were really dramatic and I simply had to put that to good use in this painting of a make believe winter scene. I called this one, "The Land That Never Melts". Once again it is watercolor on 300 lb. paper.  
i love doing these whimsical winter scenes. They are mostly made up, but i do try to find a photo of a mountain scene or village first to start the creative process which for me is drawing right onto the paper for hours sometimes. I love this part of the painting where i can sit and put it all together before a brush is used. Time stops for me then. 
I called this one "Mount Joy". It is watercolor on paper. 
A dog commission i did of a little Beagle. Her owner loved red but i just got lucky with the background because i did not know she liked red till the day i gave her this painting. God is good! 


This cow was not impressed that i lay in her field like a dead gopher. She was brave enough to come up to take a closer look and that is when i got some fabulous photos of her. There was a less than brave herd right behind her. Smile! I just thought she was so beautiful and had to do this painting of her. Watercolor on 300 lb. Cold Pressed paper.