Thursday, January 20, 2011

"It's Where We Live"

This is another painting i did as a tribute to a great Alberta Artist; Janet Mitchell. Her work has inspired me most of all i think and greatly influences my own paintings. I love the childlike, whimsical qualities in many of her paintings of local areas and settings. She lived in Sunnyside, an older neighborhood in Calgary which is where i based this piece. There is an old corner store there like the ones you used to see everywhere before the chains took over. I hope to do a series of paintings depicting the "Corner Store" before they are all gone. That could be a good project for when the Opening is over. 15 days till show time! I have four more to complete then my brushes take a rest.  Yahoo!


  1. Totalmente lúdica, Ross!!!

    Es divertida y de gran expansión...

    Ánimo que ya te falta poco tiempo para poder descansar!

    Un abrazo

  2. Ross, how truly charming! The idea of a "corner store" series is quite interesting. I wish that you would also work on a children's book...what marvelous illustrations it would have!
    I love your blues in this painting!

  3. Thanks Joy for suggesting i take a rest. I think after the Opening i may just do that. Probably won't paint again for a few days at least. Christiane i love the idea of illustrating a children's book. I have a couple ideas for a book and have forgotten about it till just now. Thanks for the suggestion! It could be quite a little undertaking for sure. Hmmmm! Now you got me thinking. Smile!