Thursday, August 27, 2015

"Miss Natalie's Mis-Adventure"

My poor wife and our two dogs ran into a threesome of skunks 
on the way to the dog park behind our house. 
The dogs wanted to play with them, very roughly of course. 
The wee skunks had no interest in any of that and told them so. 
But alas the pups enthusiasm combined with the skunks impatience 
resulted in the inevitable. The three of them got it good. 
Boy does that smell! 
Worst of all the, cat saw the whole thing enjoying it immensely. 
Watercolor in a sketchbook. With ink i might add! :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


This is Lou! He is the quieter little brother of Kona whom i last posted. 
Unlike his rambunctious brother, Lou might be found laying poolside 
or lounging under a shade tree with Mom and Dad while Kona chases shadows. 
His Mom, wanted to surprise her husband with these paintings for 
their anniversary. I was most pleased to be included in their plans. 
Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas, 16" X 20" 

Thursday, August 13, 2015


A commission for a lady who i know in the dog park nearby. 
This handsome fellow is often seen tearing around 
and just having the time of his life. Always! 
I hoped to capture his youthful attitude and fun nature. 
I did two for her and will post the other one shortly. 
Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas, 16 X 20.