Saturday, December 17, 2016

"By the Bow" #1 & #2

I often enjoy taking an older painting that has been hanging around 
the studio for a while and see what can be done with it. 
In this case i felt the original was rather flat. 
The yellow house had no dimension. 
The grass was in need of improvement. 
Also i felt there was not enough contrast everywhere 
and the cows did not stand out like i thought they should. 
So! What to do? 
I started on the house and turned it a bit. The joy of acrylic. 
I then worked on the trees and created more dark values 
with the sky and water peeking through in spots.
I felt the bottom right corner was too large a space on it's own. 
I tried a boat but ended up with the road. 
And the road led to the far right building becoming a garage. 
Finally, i worked on the shadows and the grass. 
I think it works a lot better and i learned a lot doing this. 
As always there are many ways a painting can be re-worked. 
By doing this i am able to determine how i am progressing as an artist. 
In a few months if the painting is still here there may be further changes. 
I have come to realize that a painting is never really finished. 
We just need to know when to leave it alone. 
Merry Christmas everyone and God bless.