Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Mr. Pezzo"

This photo of Mr.Pezzo touches me deeply as it was taken only a few weeks before he died. His one eye had clouded over some time ago. He was a best friend when my life was at it's lowest. He and i spent many nights and days together roaming the hills behind our house. I, dreaming of a better life, he, playing in the tall grass running a zig zag pattern to make me laugh. A dog can be so intuitive when their people are hurting. He knew just what to do.  God, i loved this little guy.

As you can see by the photo he was quite a lovely, sweet boy. A Boxer is unlike any other dog i believe. They are difficult to manage in the earlier years but as time goes on they become such a devoted and loyal companion. It is hard to be with one and not have them underfoot at all times as they want to be with you no matter what you do. Expect to share your popcorn and the couch when you watch a movie! They are considered to be the "clowns" of the dog world and can make you laugh out loud at times. I'm not so sure i could ever own another kind of dog.  Pezzo was almost twelve which is getting up there for a Boxer and had been losing a lengthy courageous battle with cancer.  We had to take him to the vet for the last time which is such a difficult thing to do. The hardest thing i have ever had to do. With his one good eye he looked at us, at me, not sure what was happening. But he loved us with his last breath as we watched the light fade from him. Yes, a most difficult thing to do. Never thought i could love a dog so much.
I hope to honor him with a new painting and will post when done.
God bless everyone.

Monday, March 7, 2011

"Calgary Timeraiser"

I was most pleased that my painting, "Our Town" was selected by jury to be included in the 2011 Calgary Timeraiser.

The Timeraiser is a silent art auction with a twist. Instead of bidding money, participants bid volunteer time to agencies that need their skills and energy.  They buy all artwork at fair market value and auction it off on the night of the Timeraiser.  The 6th Calgary Timeraiser will be held on Thursday June 16th 2011 at Flames Central. Successful auction bidders have 12 months to complete their volunteer pledge. When they do, they bring the artwork home as a reminder of their goodwill.

To date, the Timeraiser has generated 83,000 volunteer hours and invested $410,000 in the careers of emerging Canadian artists.