Friday, July 21, 2017

"Watercolour paper soaking tray"

I finally built a watercolour paper soaking tray after 10 years of using the bathtub. Ugggh! 
All it took was a piece of 1/2" plywood 24" X 36",  6' of 1X6 Spruce board, "Goop" plumbers adhesive, "Dap, Kwik Seal", 1" finishing nails, a few 1X6 wood screws, acrylic primer, 
and a quart of marine paint. 
I first cut the 1X6 spruce into 2" wide strips. The left over pieces were about 1.5" wide 
which i ripped in half and used on the underside of the plywood for a nailing strip. 
These were glued on and nailed. 
The 2" strips were then attached to the sides with adhesive, nails 
and a few wood screws to keep them snug. 
The next step was primer followed by one coat of marine paint. 
When this dried, (24 hours drying time) 
i caulked all the joints in the well with the Dap followed by a final coat of marine paint 
applied quite thick. 
Voila! A soaking tray which will handle a standard size watercolour  sheet
22" X 30". 
Can't wait to try it.