Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I'd like you to meet "Spanner". He was a commission given to me by some very kindly folks who wanted to surprise Spanner's owner. I'm always very excited to be part of someone's plans to gift or surprise. The joy i feel is ever present as i put together the painting for them. Not sure what that is but it does make the job of painting such a delight. This little guy was done on Arches 300 lb. CP paper. He is 11" X 15" unframed.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Good morning! Well, i survived the opening and will live another day. I love the start of the openings when the first attendees arrive but as the evening progresses i begin to look for a corner.

Well, I'm off to the gallery for  a wee bit and plan on starting a commission i was given a week ago. It is a dog portrait for a lady who came into the gallery. I like doing dogs and will post here when done.

This little watercolor painting ( 13" X 18") is one i did on the back side of a past disaster. It more or less evolved from some of my doodle art which always seems to be a great place for me to go for ideas if i get stuck. Lately it is just plain fun to play and i think that is where some of the best ideas are born. In my heart i am still longing for a dramatic serious piece. The word "significant" keeps coming to me throughout my days. Not sure if other artists out there experience this or not. My work is most often whimsical which i love to do so perhaps the "significant" calling is just the other side of the coin wanting it's due. I think i am nearing the place where this mysterious artwork will begin it's new life. Will let you know! Blessings all...

Friday, June 11, 2010

"The Underlings" Watercolor on Arches CP paper. 18 X 22

I had this idea to paint white crows with a mainly blue background and this is what I ended up with. It just began to take on a life of it's own with little people underneath the surface there.
I quite enjoyed drawing this one and found it to be a brand new direction once done. I've now plans to do larger pieces along the same theme using acrylics or mixed media. Or maybe even a canvas! That would be a new beginning as well! I've done some oil painting in the past but not for a long time now. It is quite exciting to step out of the old comfort zone and i have to say the studio is now a happier place. We had an opening tonight at the gallery and although folks are still there mingling i had to escape to the nearest MacDonalds with a Rolo McFlurry and my lap top.
The smoosching part of this business is hard for me. Wish it were not so but i'd rather make the paintings and let them speak for themselves. God bless you all and i pray you have a peaceful and blessed evening. I think i may head home now. Goodnight!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"The Blooms go Shopping"

This was done on the backside of a ruined watercolor painting i had. The figures are done in watercolor and the rest of it is acrylic.
I had been wanting to do a mixed media piece for a while now and this is my initial attempt. Once i got used to the fact you cannot fling acrylics around like watercolor i was on my way! My good jeans are now sporting a multicolored patch or two and also my jacket and part of the floor where i work. Despite those wee blunders it was fun to do and i now look forward to the next piece using various mediums. The colors did not reproduce so well with this image and i am not so sure why that happened. It is actually quite bright. I've also waxed it so i do not have to frame it under glass using instead a linen matt with deeper frame. It is about 12" X 18" on 300 lb. Arches Cold Pressed paper with watercolor, ink and acrylic.