Friday, January 28, 2011


It's done! I put the last paint on a minute ago. This one went down kicking and screaming but as is most often the case when they are difficult, we end up liking them very much! At one point i was going to scrap it and start over. Now i am glad i did not do that. A teacher i once taught me that you can make something out of almost anything. If in the end you are still not satisfied you can cut it into strips and make really cool watercolor bookmarks. Hehe! I've not made any bookmarks yet but there are a few in the old folder that should be. I'm getting excited for the show. The paintings i've done are a lot different than the last showing. It is amazing to me to see where they go when one paints a lot!

Having a deadline is so good as it forces you to work when a lot of times you are wanting to do anything but paint. I think after the Opening i will have to find a new deadline. It will be difficult to start painting again i know but it is something i am determined to not let happen. We shall see. Now i have to finish the young girl i was working on and that will be it for now.
Blessings all.


  1. This turned out really well Ross. I'm glad you didn't scrap it.

  2. Thanks Nancy. I appreciate your encouragement. I'm so glad too that i did not scrap it. I'm very happy with it and most likely it will lead to others similar. They often do!

  3. Muy buen resultado, Ross.
    Enderezaste la acuarela a tiempo y además te has divertido!
    Sí, menos mal que no la rompiste!!!
    Un abrazo y vamos a por el joven!

  4. HOLA, ROSS!!! It's really delicious to come into your space. Your work is always so colorful, so cheerful... has that spark that lightens the spirit. I must say that I have not stopped coming to see it from time to time.
    Hoping you and your family had a fabulous holiday and thank you you've gone “through my mirror” again.
    I deeply appreciate your words always full of kindness. Good luck at the Opening, and pleeeeease, DO NOT LEAVE OF PAINTING!!!
    Sincerely, Alicia (Alenka)

    P.S. What a pleasant surprise to find my good spanish friend JOY as one of your followers! She is truly unique. I love her.

  5. Ross, congratulations on another beautiful watercolor! No bookmarks for you, my talented friend:-)

  6. Gorgeous! So original and vibrant.
    Having a deadline is suiting you ;)

  7. Thank you ladies. I appreciate so much your visits. And for the wonderful selection of words that come to describe my art. it encourages me to press on and to not make bookmarks! Smile! Hope to post all the show paintings soon. I just don't want too many of the local folks here to see them before show time. I shall put them up on the 5th or 6th.

  8. Alenka, su espejo es increíble! ¿Cómo diablos puede usted hacer eso? Gracias por sus amables palabras sobre mi pintura. Me encanta la forma en que describen las cosas. Delicious es una palabra muy bonita. Su trabajo es complejo, sin embargo, infantil y encantador al mismo tiempo. Estoy asombrado ...

  9. Love this - composition, color, cheer!!!
    I hope your show went well. I liked to you from a post of yours on WC.