Monday, January 24, 2011


I have now done three passes on both the sky and the foreground. To create the impression of a sidewalk i just avoided the area that would be the curb. The sidewalk surface has the same colors as the foreground but grayed a bit with some blue. For the sky i was trying to get mostly violets and purples but it got a little dark on me which is okay. I'll add some red and blue highlights here and there. As i do the washes i am leaving small patches untouched which creates a patchwork effect somewhat like broken glass. I also put a single wash on the buildings, using yellow, blue and green with a little pink. Much more to do and this one takes time as i have to wait until everything is completely dry before going over it again.


  1. I love reading and seeing your process, Ross. This is looking great...I love the white spots!

  2. Thanks Christiane. I worked on this last night too late i think and got into trouble. Smile! That happens with watercolor and especially the way i paint. I use a lot of paint and color and if things go off a bit it is difficult to recover. I would say i wreck a lot in the process but the ones that work are a delight to me. What happened is, the sky got too dark on me and i then lightened some areas as i was not happy with the way the overall color combinations were working.

    The middle stages of a painting are always quite nasty. It is just important to press on through those not so pretty parts. A reward awaits at the end of it all. It is somewhat like the early teen years i think, when a young boy is gangly, pimply and smells very bad. Then he turns into a handsome young prince one day. Life is full of surprises. I shall press on with this and hopefully have something good to show you.

  3. Bello blog, precioso, qué casualidad porque debí tocar alguna tecla y salió, es de ensoñación, te felicito.