Monday, May 17, 2010

"Rose Town"

A fellow commissioned this piece for his wife for her birthday. I actually finished it with a week to spare! Yahoo! It was based on a previous painting which she liked but was not large enough. This is 16" X 44" unframed done on Arches 300lb. cold pressed paper. When i took it to the framers a lady was in the shop and liked it enough to order one for herself! Now it's back to the drawing board as they say. The next one will be different of course. I am also playing around with some abstract work which is so refreshing for me having spent a lot of time these days on very organized and structured pieces. I'm also looking forward to working with acrylics and experimenting with different framing techniques. It is such fun being an artist and i am thankful each day for the gift of being able to do this. I have a supportive wife and family which makes it all happen. Life is good, God is gooder.  Blessings everyone!