Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"Sunflower Fields"

Another in the long narrow series. When i was painting a whole lot of 18" X whatever type of paintings i ended up with a folder full of these odd pieces which were 4" X 22". I saved them all of course and thought of cutting them up for cards but decided to do a couple of narrow landscapes.  The format is handy and can fit in those odd places and spaces people have in their homes. I also find the tall narrow ones do well too.

This painting was relatively simple to create with a few washes for the background hills. The grasses were built up in layers and the sunflowers were a variety of yellows and oranges with a little shading here and there and then polka dots all over. I used a Pit pen for the dots. I am doing a wee commission similar with stukes in it and a wagon. Should be fun!
Blessings everyone!

Friday, July 23, 2010

"Tribute to Janet Mitchell"

This is my tribute to a great Alberta Artist, Janet Mitchell who lived from 1912 - 1998. Her work was both beautifully light hearted and filled with childlike whimsy. She is a great inspiration to me. 
I was also lucky enough to purchase a painting by her which i have posted here for you to see. 
It is called "Head of Classics".  I had such fun doing a Janet Mitchell style painting and hope to do a few more in a series which of course will be called "A Tribute To Janet Mitchell". 
This one i did is 4" X 22" on 300lb. Arches CP paper.
Isn't this just a delightful painting? It is quite large and fits nicely over our fireplace. 
She did it on a full sheet of watercolor paper and the framing and matting make it a nice size. 
I enjoy looking at it each day. It is also one of very few original paintings that i own but hope 
to continue collecting as the opportunities present themselves. 

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Waiting for Wash Day

I had been working on this for a while and did not seem to be able to finish it. That happens when I leave one unattended for a while. So today i decided it would be done and here it is. The middle was somewhat tedious but i had such fun with it in the end. The edges were all pretty hard and i went around with a red, yellow orange mix and softened all the edges. They then seemed more realistic once rounded. Then the dabbling began and i knew it was time to sign it and put it away. Watercolor on 300lb. Arches CP paper.

I bought some "smooth" and some "rough" today just to try something different. Can't wait to try them. I also broke out the acrylics! There's never enough time in the day is there? I find it is hard to start but when i do get going just can't seem to quit. Hope you are all well and having fun with your creative endeavors. Blessings!