Friday, February 18, 2011

"Mount Biddie" & "Dipper Creek"

Somebody had asked me to do a ski hill painting. So i took one of my little villages, gave it some snow and added a ski lift. The end result was quite
lovely i think.  I feel the next ski hill may have to have some more black- diamond runs and perhaps a high speed quad. The folks at the bottom do not seem to mind the wait as they are having quite the lovely time chatting and such.

This is my one and only attempt at doing a "loose" watercolor. I told the gallery owner it was loose and she laughed. I suppose it is not as loose as some watercolorists would do. I love the very loose style with subjects simply stated though. Perhaps this could be my Christmas card for next year? It did sell which was most pleasing to me.


  1. Ross, both paintings are beautiful as usual. The first is another proof of your great creative mind. The second is so wonder that it sold!

  2. Thank you so much Christiane. Your comments are most valuable to me.