Friday, February 18, 2011

"The Trouble with the Universe"

I always used to wonder what the trouble with the universe was. Now i know it is all the cats fault. He appeared in the lower right corner of my painting as i was putting these rather shifty looking characters into a universe of their own. This is also a palette painting. They were just there one day looking up at me.

The gallery has some speed daters here tonight. They are all quite lovely and many have come down to see the artist in the basement. They wanted to know if i would like to come up and mingle with them. I thought better of it, preferring to keep my "Mysterious Artist" profile intact and remain the cellar dweller. Besides, i don't think my wife would like it much even if i did sell a few paintings because of it. Smile!

I greatly admire the speed daters for their courage and desire to change their situation. I also enjoy hearing the wonderful sound of people having fun and laughing. It makes a cellar dweller quite happy it does.

Now, what to do with that darn cat.....

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