Monday, December 6, 2010


This is a little make believe Sea side village. I think i may move into the little pink house in the middle.
It has a great view of the harbor and all the comings and goings. This is a watercolor on Cold Pressed paper and is about 8" X 24". Instead of using mostly warm colors i concentrated on cooler ones this time and it turned out to be refreshing change from my ever glowing color selections. There are a few more with similar color schemes in the works! Hope all are well on this beautiful 6th of Dec. Only 18 more days till Christmas! God bless each and every one.


  1. Ok Ross, I think I'll move into the tall white one a few doors down.. What a joyful painting..! Love it!

  2. And I like that round tower on the right-hand side. This place will be crowded real soon:-)
    Beautiful work that gives me a feeling of joy...what greater gift could art provide?

  3. That would be so cool to have this little village filled with artists! You both would be great neighbors. I should paint in a little art store somewhere then. Smile! Thanks so much for your encouraging words.
    I shall press on....

  4. And I'll take a sunshine coloured house, please!
    What a cracker of a painting xx