Thursday, November 18, 2010

"A Safe Harbor"

My last painting to post for a while till i can make some more. I have a show to prepare for in Feb. and have to have about 30 at least. So far i think i have maybe 10 hidden away. Yikes! Better get to work. My 17 year old daughter always confides in me about boys, school troubles, school joys, and all that goes with being 17. I am a good listener but the other day i thought i would share with her the stresses of being a lonely studio artist preparing for a show and the task of coming up with new ideas all the time. Hehe! Thought i would turn the tables on her and see what she did. She simply said in a young persons idealistic way of seeing the world, "why don't you just paint what's on the inside?" and then went back to complaining about her biology teacher. They are so cute aren't they? I thought about what she said all day and realized she was so right on. I spend too much time looking at art on the web and in books. Ultimately painting is an inside job. I now have it written on a card and posted in front of me for a reminder. I told her the next day how smart she was, to which she promptly replied "I know!".  Smile!  I am going to paint what is on the inside now. Hope to post it here for you soon. Blessings as always. ross


  1. Thanks Ross for your kind words on my Godly Perspectives blog! It made my studio time so much less lonely today! As always, your work inspires the stuffing out of me! The colors and emotion you bring are most definitely a gift from God! And, who knows...maybe one day we will all find a way to be more tolerant and understanding of one another!

  2. Hi,how are you and how is your art preparations going Ross.
    This safe harbour is so pure and beautiful...:)
    more than that what you feel about your kid is wonderful...don't ever feel stress in ur studio..take care,best wishes for your exhibit...