Tuesday, December 7, 2010


This time i think i would live in the little purple house down the path on the right. It would be closer to the dock and i could get onto my boat anytime and sail away. But then maybe one would not want to sail away if living in Montague? I tried something a little different on the foreground with the squares of color. Kind of like pointalism but on a larger scale. It made for a very interesting texture and pattern.


  1. Ross , it is different, I like it.. but must say my favorite is your header... Like a little make believe Christmas town. ! Your right on about dogs are they not the best? and thank you for coming by and visitng my blog.

  2. Ross, this is different, but /whites that you manage to always keep. I would live in any of these houses...

  3. Great painting, beautiful vibrant colors. Love the mosaic effect and the openess of this whimsical composition. Thanks for visiting my blog & commenting. I use acrylic as if they were watercolors and gradually build on layers (by the way).