Thursday, December 9, 2010


A wee harbor town somewhere far away. Housing prices near the water are on the rise but a homey place for a fair price still can be had if one persists in their search. Moving inland a street or two is also an option. Not certain yet if i would rather live in "Flossiemouth" or the soon to be built "Freeburger". As soon as i have a photo of this new village i will post it here.

I love the light that is present here. It seems so relaxing in a way. I just realized the other day that I have been using a lot of Daniel Smith, Cobalt Teal blue! It is my favorite color choice just ahead of my many reds that show up everywhere too. Will have to try one without the blue for a change just to see what happens. It is also fun to go round the palette and try forgotten colors. A short while ago I took my forgotten tossed aside tubes of paint and created a second palette of these very fine colors. I call it the "fun palette" and go to it whenever i need to get out of a slump or change the pace a bit. Works ever time! Give it a try!  A very nice grey can be had by mixing Cerulean Blue with a little Cadmium Red Light. Try adding a little Viridian to the mix to green it up a little. Makes for a lovely grey in varying shades.

Hope all are well today and staying ahead of the Christmas rush. A beautiful season that has been bullied to death by consumerism and tolerance. I try not to get too caught up in it all. God bless each and every one. Remember the real reason for the season and to all a good night.

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  1. Hi Ross,It's been a while, it was good to hear from you! I pop in from time to time to get a watercolor fix. Your work is gorgeous as always. Glad to see you are still walking strong with Him. :) Blessings to you! Your sis, Anni