Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"Sunflower Fields"

Another in the long narrow series. When i was painting a whole lot of 18" X whatever type of paintings i ended up with a folder full of these odd pieces which were 4" X 22". I saved them all of course and thought of cutting them up for cards but decided to do a couple of narrow landscapes.  The format is handy and can fit in those odd places and spaces people have in their homes. I also find the tall narrow ones do well too.

This painting was relatively simple to create with a few washes for the background hills. The grasses were built up in layers and the sunflowers were a variety of yellows and oranges with a little shading here and there and then polka dots all over. I used a Pit pen for the dots. I am doing a wee commission similar with stukes in it and a wagon. Should be fun!
Blessings everyone!


  1. Ross, I loved it especially because the size seems to be tailor made to show the vastness of the flower fields.It is done very neatly. I am sure these 4 by 22 pieces of yours are going to win hearts!

  2. Ross, I really like this format and it goes very well with this composition. What patience for all those dots:-) I love the light that you have captured in this painting. Well done as always.

  3. Ross, thanks for visiting my blog, so I did an about face, and so glad to be here. Love your bio, your blog and very much your art.... I can relate to so many things you say.... especially the passion for watercolor.. I do my drawings without any effort,, but I keep returning to that struggle with the watercolor.. I guess it's what keeps us ticking. I am self taught and thank God every day for giving me this blessing to be able to put on paper what I see with my eyesand heart....