Saturday, June 12, 2010


Good morning! Well, i survived the opening and will live another day. I love the start of the openings when the first attendees arrive but as the evening progresses i begin to look for a corner.

Well, I'm off to the gallery for  a wee bit and plan on starting a commission i was given a week ago. It is a dog portrait for a lady who came into the gallery. I like doing dogs and will post here when done.

This little watercolor painting ( 13" X 18") is one i did on the back side of a past disaster. It more or less evolved from some of my doodle art which always seems to be a great place for me to go for ideas if i get stuck. Lately it is just plain fun to play and i think that is where some of the best ideas are born. In my heart i am still longing for a dramatic serious piece. The word "significant" keeps coming to me throughout my days. Not sure if other artists out there experience this or not. My work is most often whimsical which i love to do so perhaps the "significant" calling is just the other side of the coin wanting it's due. I think i am nearing the place where this mysterious artwork will begin it's new life. Will let you know! Blessings all...

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  1. hi Ross
    I like fancyful and the intreguing parts are the points on the woman's dress, the look on her face (from what I can see in the fraction of an inch it is on my computer screen) and the swan tucking its beak into its wing on the right lower hand corner. Mysterious. Hope you are well!