Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"The Blooms go Shopping"

This was done on the backside of a ruined watercolor painting i had. The figures are done in watercolor and the rest of it is acrylic.
I had been wanting to do a mixed media piece for a while now and this is my initial attempt. Once i got used to the fact you cannot fling acrylics around like watercolor i was on my way! My good jeans are now sporting a multicolored patch or two and also my jacket and part of the floor where i work. Despite those wee blunders it was fun to do and i now look forward to the next piece using various mediums. The colors did not reproduce so well with this image and i am not so sure why that happened. It is actually quite bright. I've also waxed it so i do not have to frame it under glass using instead a linen matt with deeper frame. It is about 12" X 18" on 300 lb. Arches Cold Pressed paper with watercolor, ink and acrylic.


  1. WoW!!! You’re playing now!!! Magical couple. Full of details. I love her big blue eye that can see inside of the things, perhaps… in the mind of her partner? I think so. I can see that they are so united!!! I can adore the little ones. He and she with their winter hats and the doggy.
    Lynn, I really really love the composition, the line and movement, the color (acuarelas, acrílicos, tintas…!!!! ) MIX totally balanced!!! But yes, you’re right, it doesn’t have the same light as all the others I've seen. But that does not reduce sensitivity and beauty. Thanks for sharing!! Lynn, I hope you can visit my blog. There’s a video I’d love to share. It’s about other work we do (my husband and me). Thanks a lot. Blessings.

  2. Ross, what a fun work! I have been playing also lately with different media, different papers, different techniques. It's good to get out of our comfort zones and to push ourselves to try new things. This obviously works for you. Well usual!

  3. I love the whimsy here, Ross! It is such fun. Welcome to the world of mixed media. How do you wax a painting? Is it encaustic?

  4. Thanks Christiane for your support and for your encouraging words. it is always great to hear from you.

  5. Thank you too Elizabeth! I sure did enjoy trying mixed media. It is quit freeing actually. I love it!
    I use Dorland's wax medium and rub it on in circular motions with cheese cloth. It works great and surprisingly does not lift the color at all! Once it dries after a few days you can buff it but it does not get shiny like varnish does. The painting looks very natural....
    I also attach my painting to a stiff support like gator board or foam core with Acrylic Matte Medium. It works just wonderfully and then i can frame without glass.