Wednesday, September 23, 2015

"Miss Natalie's Mis-Adventures II"

My little wife wasn't excited about the mini skirt i had her in 
in the first sketch so i revised it to better reflect her normal 
dog walking attire. :) 
Then i had her packing up for a road trip to get away from the
skunk smell. Our poor puppies were not to happy about 
the whole ordeal. Skunk is very difficult to get rid of. 
Not nice. 
She did laugh at the cartoons which helped ease the burden some. 
Watercolour and ink on sketch paper. 


  1. Wonderful little sketch Ross. And love the miniskirt... but you know the saying?
    "When mommas not happy, ain't nobody gonna be happy".
    I've gotten into sketching with pen and w/c . I found a site by Liz Steel and was hooked... no not giving up on my beloved watercolor, just a side road adventure.
    Check out Lizs' sight when you get a chance..
    Barbra Joan

    1. Thank you Barbra. Sketching with water-colour and ink is fun. I will certainly check out the Liz Steel site you mentioned. Always good to see what others are up to. Thanks for visiting!

  2. Very wonderful paintings with so nice and happy colours !!!
    Have a nice and creative week !!!


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