Monday, July 6, 2015


More Cows! There can't be enough cows. 
I'be been having such fun with the backgrounds i am thinking the cows 
might be getting in the way! Perhaps put them further back 
into the fields. My whimsical watercolour villages are starting 
to show up in these acrylics. I look forward to seeing where it is all going. 
Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas. 24" X 36". 


  1. I love the backgrounds and Delores is gorgeous

  2. Thank you Rita! I appreciate your visit! :)


  3. This painting is absolutely wonderful, Ross.

  4. Thank you so much Christiane! I am enjoying her company in my studio i built in the garage. It is nice and cool inside and so hot outside. Hope you are doing well. Cheers!

  5. Ross, your girls are superb! And I love that they are making a moo-ve into town! Thank you so much for your beautiful compliment on the two latest watercolors - they were fun to paint. And being in the Orpheum again was wonderful, especially for such a special time!! I love that old theater, too!

  6. Thanks so much Kathryn. I liked your play on words. :) Yes, i think a moo-be into town is inevitable. Time to expand the horizons a bit. Ahhh, the Orpheum. I saw Emy Lou Harris there once. Spectacular!


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