Tuesday, December 23, 2014

"Duffy's Pond" Merry Christmas!

One more before Christmas. 
This is a commission for a young lady who wanted to 
have her son and two dogs in a painting. 
Her son is #19. 
I had fun with this one. 
It had been a long time since doing a watercolour 
and very much enjoyed working with this medium again. 
This painting is off to Kamloops B.C 
to be placed under someone's tree. 
12X20 on Arches CP paper. 


  1. Oh Ross, what a fun painting this is... Makes me smile just looking at it..
    You have a beautiful Christmas and the best New Year..
    Barbra Joan

  2. Hi Ross, I'm so glad you are back. I had finished reading all of your entries and was starting to go through with-drawl. What a wonderful work of whimsy and I know the recipient will be thrilled to receive such a wonderful work of art. Have a blessed Christmas Season....Janet

  3. Dear Ross.... I visit your wonderfully uplifting site far too infrequently. Alas... like you... I have a personal life and painting journey which does not include "surfin' the net" to "chat" or participate in "Daily Challenges".

    Like you... I too... am guided by that "art spirit" who is continually with "Me". He and I find ourselves more at home "out there" playing together in this Eden that our Creator had blessed us with time and life to share in.

    I wanted to tell you that I always go away uplifted and inspired after my vis it to see "what 's new with Ross".

    Good luck with yoour wok in 2015... I shall be back whenever I am able!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  4. I love this painting, and so want to go there!!! I wish you many masterpieces in 2015

  5. I know that the recipients of this paintings must have been extremely happy. It is so lovely and full of life.
    All my best for 2015!

  6. My your painting has such delightful movement and colours! The family will be thrilled!

    Happy New Year to you! May your canvases be filled with colour and happiness!

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