Saturday, December 13, 2014


I hesitated to post this one because i cannot for the life of me remember where i found her image. 
Usually i keep a record of all my sources and contact owners for permission. 
But i love this one so much i had to post her 
and hope if someone recognizes this girl they will let me know. 
She was painted especially for an animal rescue group in our city for their 
annual fund raiser and was given to the highest bidder. 
I'm sure she found herself in a good home of animal lovers. 
And too some needy pups and senior dogs were helped in the process. 
She is acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas. 24 X 24 


  1. Fantastic that your art helps the animals.. I don't have to tell you how I feel about that.
    Your Bella girl is such a beauty.. love the nose..
    and BTW The Tuxedo cat is actually what they are know as.. and we can see why. I've just sold my 'Naptime'... always a good feeling
    with a possible commission for a Golden Retriever. It's funny how our feeling for animals show through our just seems to come from the heart.
    BJ Happy Painting..

    1. Thank you Barbra. Congratulations on your sale! You are right too about how the love for these creatures shows through. When i paint a cow i am actually thinking of how much they give to us and most likely the one i am painting is no longer with us having paid the ultimate sacrifice for us. I am always mindful of this and try to honour their memory by having a portrait done of them. It adds purpose to something we already love to do!

  2. Love the use of that hot orange throughout the piece Ross. This is just fantastic. Lucky person who gets to hang this on the wall! Thanks for your comment on my blog today. So glad to see you painting and to be in touch. Merry Christmas to you too!

  3. One of a special kind, she is a beauty! Fabulous work Ross!

  4. I love her! And what a lovely thing to do. It is a good feeling to be able to help others by giving them something that you have enjoyed painting

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