Monday, December 5, 2011

WIP "Portofino"

This is now about 80% complete. I have yet to do the background as I do not quite have a clear image of what it is to be yet. Also the area on the left side is yet to take shape. Hope to be finished in a couple of days.

Today i was thinking of what a privilege it is to be able to paint. When i dreamt of doing this, i always thought it would be such fun and a very cool way to live. Boy, was i in for a surprise. It is really a ton of work and the work is never done is it? If we are not painting, we are percolating the next idea or maybe thinking of new ways to market our work. Or you might be trying to develop a new technique, re-invent the wheel, or learn to work with new mediums. When i was a kid i can remember asking my mom always what there was for me to do. "I'm bored!" said me. Hehe!  Should have painted. Hope all are having a fabulous day. I'm playing today and having fun!


  1. Ross, that's going to be another cracker!
    The painting is fun, the trying to earn a living part not so, that feels more like work! Philanthropic agents are in short supply :) xx

  2. Ross, thanks for your kind comments on my blog yesterday. It reminded me to drop in on you & see what you're up to. Oh how I love your "stuff" Your little towns look like groups of people to me, each building with it's own posture and attitude. Lovely lovely. Is it OK if I add your blog to my list of blogs that I follow (on my blog)? As for Kamloops, I don't know that I'll go again this coming Marhc. That trip out there was pretty aweful last year. we'll see. Keep up the good work Ross!

  3. Hello Gena. Thank you so much for stopping by and for your encouraging words. I greatly appreciate your comments. By all means add my blog to your list! That would be my honour for sure. Yes, the trip to Kamloops in March is quite the experience. I think each and every year i am re-routed, or laid over in Golden or Kamloops. Not fun. Perhaps next year if i get a 4X4. Smile!