Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"A Crow and a Half"

Not too sure what to think of this one but thought i would post to see what the reaction might be. I used lots of paint straight out of the tube which is ridiculous for watercolor as it is a pretty pricey way to paint. Would try it again using acrylic. But i did experiment and once tons of paint was laid down dropped water on it and watched as the paint swirled and did cool stuff. I will do more crows as i think they make interesting paintings and are interesting creatures to boot! I love watching them as they carry on and make me laugh. Hope all are well and happily painting.
Blessings! ross


  1. Ross, I have just posted a feature of your art on ARTALEE at the following address; http://www.artalee.com/artwork/whimsical-world-ross-lynem

    I hope that you will like the post.

  2. found you via Christine - and what a lovely blog, gorgeous work - and smashing dog you have!
    I'm so entranced I'm now a follower of yours :)

  3. Thank you for sharing
    This fabulous work with us
    Good creations

  4. Thank you Skizo. I tried to find your own web site but was unsuccessful. If you come back please direct me there. Blessings!

  5. this tech is wonderfully worked....and the post title is superb

  6. Thank you Anudeepa for dropping by and for your encouraging words.
    I had not been too certain of this one and still hold reservations. There may be another in the works with thick pure pigment. Will go see what you are up to now. By for now. ross

  7. I think you should rename this one and call it "Half Assed". It was one of Uncle John's favourite sayings... .and I can almost hear him saying "well - he did a half assed job of that" and chuckling to himself! :-D
    Miss Natalie xoxox
    P.S. You're pretty cute too - are you married?