Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A bit of a departure for me but had fun with the greens and reds. 
Will most likely continue with this theme for a while and 
try a few different designs. 
I cannot wait to begin 
playing on some more patterns, as i call them. 
Cheers, everyone!


  1. I have been looking at Grant Wood lately and this painting certainly shares some of the qualities he found in the landscape. I really like this one. a lot. Great color and movement and a welcome departure from the typical landscape image. A bit whimsical but still very powerful. The later one is equally as interesting.

  2. Thanks Kaylyn! I really appreciate your comments. I will surely have a look at Grant Wood too. It is always so interesting for me to see what others are doing. This blogging is so helpful for that. I've enjoyed visiting your blog too. There is much there to absorb.

  3. Ross,Iliked your work! I really enjoyed the way you summarized the landscape, with colors, patterns and lines that move ... the result is very pleasant to see, is elegant and conveys tranquility ...

  4. This is just lovely! It reminds me of the scenery on the way to Fernie down #22. Beautiful, almost like a patchwork quilt laid out over the countryside.