Sunday, October 29, 2017

Acrylic on canvas, 
22" X 28".
I used a photo from Flickr member, Carol Von Canon
for reference. 
I love doing the backgrounds now. 
Once upon a time they were intimidating as it was always a challenge 
to figure out what to do in them. 
Now i see them as a Playground in which we 
can experiment and play with colours. 


  1. Ross, I love this.... Only you could paint a common cow and make it so interesting... Yes your backgrounds are perfect for this.
    I'm into painting, pencil drawing and as if I needed more to do, my 'playing with papers' . Journals and 'stuff'.

    1. Thank you Barbra Joan. I shall come visit. :)

  2. Your background is a playground of colour! Delightful! Beautiful!

    I think the title could also be,"Why so serious?"

    1. Renee, i love the title. Great idea. So nice to see you. Electonically. :) Hope you are well. As you can see, i have neglected the blog for a long time. Must work at it a bit more me thinks. Take care, and happy everything! :)

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