Friday, October 23, 2015

"Prudence Dear"

Did this a while ago. She's in a gallery in Calgary. 
Trying now to get something going and paint again. The slumps are no fun. 
I know the best way to deal with it is to just paint. 
My favourite approach is to get out the sketch book and just start drawing. 
It's from the sketch books that the ideas begin to flow. 
The next step is to commit to one or more of these sketches. 
Put them down on canvas or paper. Then paint. 
So far i have about a half dozen drawn and ready to go. 
Just have to grab those brushes! Right? 
Acrylic on canvas. 20" X 30".


  1. Oh Ross, she's in a gallery? she's supposed to live in a barn. lol !
    Oh do I know the 'slump' yes indeed... thank God we get out of them even though at the time I've thought. "I'm never going to want to paint again" .. and it does feel very real.. You will come out of it ... Once you find a subject or an inspiration that you "just have to do " then you'll get going again.
    I too have been doodling , 'dawdling' with sketches. I'm not good at them but right now pen/ink and washes seem to be keeping me in the game.
    Good luck ...

  2. Thanks Barbra. I appreciate your comment. :)

  3. Amazing painting, the cow is looking so close with the head out of the canvas, I love your bright colours too !!!
    Happy Sunday !!!

  4. Prudence is a beauty, Ross! You have caught that sweet eye so wonderfully!
    As for the slump ... YIKES is right.I think I was visiting the slumps all last Spring and Summer. But you definitely have the best "treatment" going - getting the sketchbook out and just drawing!
    Take care, and may you leave those slumps behind SOON!!!!


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