Friday, March 16, 2012

"On High Alert"

This beautiful fellow was a commission for a veterinarian. The pet was not well and sadly had to be put down. The vet wanted to do something nice for the owner and had me do this painting for her. I'm hoping it has the essence of the dog. I'll include the photo here for you to see as well.  This is watercolor on Arches 300 lb. CP paper.  


  1. He's gorgeous Ross.
    The only bit of artistic licence I might have taken would have been to leave a scrap of white between ear and tail. Not tons, just enough to knock the tail back a little more.
    But that's a really nit picky thought, the whole is super. Bravo! xx

  2. Oh, thank you, thank you. I so appreciated the feedback. Sometimes we work on a piece so closely we lose sight of it sometimes. I really like to let a piece sit for a spell before sending it off. I still have this one and will lift some of the paint from the area you suggested. That part of did throw me off for sure but it was a simple case of trying following the photo to closely. I really needed to improve on this part of it. Your feedback is welcomed. Thanks Pat.

  3. Ross, it's an excellent rendering. And I might go along with Pat on her suggestion..and I'm sure it will be well received.
    Barbra Joan

  4. Thank you Barbara for your visit. So it is unanimous then. A slight alteration to the tail area.
    That part of it did always bother me while i was doing this. I did use a bit of a value change there but not enough. I really appreciate extra pair of eyes you and Pat offered. I do hope all is well in your world.

  5. Hi Ross,

    I was lucky enough to be this guy's mom. His name was Kaiser, and he really was a king among dogs. I can tell you first hand that you really have captured his essence. I will always treasure this wonderful work of art.

    Thank you so much!
    Kristi Berlin

  6. Thank you Kristi. It is so special for me to see your comment. I just love dogs and think they are such a gift to the people who own them. It was a pleasure to do Kaiser's portrait and i could tell after looking at his photo throughout the painting process that he was truly a very special fellow. It was an honor to paint him.