Wednesday, November 30, 2011


A wee little painting, only 8" X 10". It just felt good to be painting again after such a long block. I hope to have some more up soon. This is watercolor on Arches watercolor board.


  1. So lovely to see you back, Ross.
    Was hoping it wouldn't be too long, you've been missed. Lovely little painting you've returned with, too! xx

  2. Ross, how glad I am to see you back ...
    Even a small painting is better than none.
    Welcome back to the creative world. Missed you.. BJ

  3. Aww! You both have made my day so special. Thank you so much! I have been so unsure about pressing on but have resolved to keep at it. But whether or not the art work kept coming mattered not as i have had the opportunity to meet two awesome artists such as yourselves. What a great little community we have. To all the other artists out there as well, God bless each and every one. Yahoo!

  4. Ross, like Barbra, I have really missed you. It's so nice to see you painting again.

  5. Thank you Christiane. I appreciate so much your visit. Your own commitment to your art inspires me. Hope you are there happily painting away. Many blessings.