Monday, March 7, 2011

"Calgary Timeraiser"

I was most pleased that my painting, "Our Town" was selected by jury to be included in the 2011 Calgary Timeraiser.

The Timeraiser is a silent art auction with a twist. Instead of bidding money, participants bid volunteer time to agencies that need their skills and energy.  They buy all artwork at fair market value and auction it off on the night of the Timeraiser.  The 6th Calgary Timeraiser will be held on Thursday June 16th 2011 at Flames Central. Successful auction bidders have 12 months to complete their volunteer pledge. When they do, they bring the artwork home as a reminder of their goodwill.

To date, the Timeraiser has generated 83,000 volunteer hours and invested $410,000 in the careers of emerging Canadian artists.


  1. Congratulations, Ross, on having your painting selected for this worthwhile initiative!

  2. Me encanta el espíritu del arte envuelto en ese halo tan interesante de una labor compartida. Enseñar habilidades a cambio de darse a conocer es un tiempo bien invertido.

    Un saludo. Elisa

  3. Congrats on your painting being included in the 2011 Calgary Timeraiser Art Auction! That's a great honour!

  4. I love this artwork. It is very colorful, lively and funky. Beautiful and fun art.