Thursday, August 12, 2010

"Something Different; Wall Murals!"

Well, she arrived! Hooray!  Her name is Amelia and here is a photo of her admiring the Panda floating above her with balloons. It took her arrival to add the life and the magic the murals were waiting for. 
Congratulations to her very happy parents, David and Meagan. 

Meagan painting rocks....
Meagan and my wife working in unison.
Yours truly happily painting...

My niece and nephew are expecting a baby in Oct. and asked us to help them with their baby room.
So a wall mural came to be based on the very talented, Jon Muth who happens to be one of my favorite children's book illustrators and watercolorists. His paintings are beautifully simple, and simply beautiful. So we borrowed some of his designs and did up a nursery. I have to say it so much fun, my wife and i are going to do some more. It could turn into a great part-time job i think.  
We also discovered, my nephew David, and his wife Meagan, have some hidden artistic talents and did a fantastic job. They are budding artists for sure. Check out their own blog, "Get Daddy Some Gin".
It's really cute. 


  1. Congratulations on your new creative outlet, Ross. That room is going to be so cute! Great job!

  2. heartly wishes for your niece's angel....beautiful mural with cool paintings and colors.

  3. Walls always are challenging and fun.. beautiful team work Ross!

  4. Hi Ross!.... This post "smacks" of a similar message of my own that "You" commented on!

    Seems that We" share many commonalities in our journeys and our values!

    A "love gift" for sure for your niece and nephew's yet unborn child!"She/He"... is already...much blessed before arriving! How lucky is that!

    Congratulations and best wishes for a safe October delivery to all!

    Good Nursery Painting and otherwise!
    Warmest regards,

  5. Thanks Bruce for stopping by. Yes, it seems we do share commonalities in our journeys and values. I have visited your site again to be inspired once more. I'm preparing a new painting for a competition the Canadian Society of Watercolor Painters has every year. It is called "Open Water". Perhaps you have heard of it. I have been busy with planning and picture sorting to get a clear idea. I think i have it now, and hope to get started on it tomorrow. Today i have prepared a lot of panels and stretched a bunch of paper because i just cannot do only one painting at a time. I must go back and forth which gives me time to think about the next step. And too when you are doing one, new ideas come all the time.

    This is my first entry into a competition which is a goal i set for myself when i first started. I am most excited, not about the prospects of winning it or anything but just at the thought of entering alone is enough and the impetus it is giving me. Oh, and i located my sketch books today and put them in a satchel which will go with me everywhere. It is such fun to be able to do this.
    By for now!