Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saundra Lane Galloway, of "Art For Life" gave me this "Kreativ Blogger"award way back on Sep.22 and i have now just figured out how to do this and pass it on. I'm certainly more comfortable inside my studio than with a computer, but have been so happy to have discovered this wonderful world of blogging and think often of my fellow bloggers and their own courageous journeys in the pursuit of their passions.  There is such a wealth of information here and it so wonderful that all are so willing to share their experiences with each other. I hope to do the same in return and look forward to meeting others with the need to create. Thank you to all, and especially thank you to Saundra for this unexpected award.

Here are the 7 things i am supposed to share about myself. Even my wife is not privy to these but she will be now once she reads this... smile!

1) I have secretly always wanted to be a rancher. That might explain my attraction to cow paintings.
2)I paint far more in my head than i do for real. I'm a tad bit lazy.
3)My favorite buffet item is the deviled eggs.
4)I cannot resist chocolate and have secret stashes.
5)I would love to own a mint 1976 BMW 320i.
6)A log cabin in the mountains with no phone or TV is my dream abode.
7)I love the Tazmanian Devil on the Bugs Bunny Road Runner show.

Now i must select 7 recipients and i thin this may be very difficult indeed as all whom I've bookmarked are tremendous bloggers, artists. But here are the seven in no particular order

1) Laurie Pace  Her blog "Wonders of the Heart" was one of the first i discovered here. It is inspirational  for sure both spiritually and painterly. You will not be disappointed. Her paintings are breathtaking.
2) Edgar Whitney  Edgar Whitney is no longer with us, but his blog is a tribute to a great painter who left behind a legacy of a life lived for the art of watercolor.  A worthwhile blog to visit for sure. I love his paintings.
3)Tina Mammoser  This young lady cycles the coastlands of England and does very dramatic landscapes and seascapes. I thoroughly enjoy her daily musings.
4)Sheri's Showers of Love  This lady runs a day-car and posts stories from her busines about the kids she has in her care. Heartwarming and thought provoking for sure.
5)Sandy Maudlin's Art Journey  Her paintings are simply gorgeous and she paints the way i always hoped i might. But i cannot, so i enjoy looking at what she is up to from time to time. She also offers workshops! Worth a look!
6) Sam Dolman  Okay, I have to mention here a fellow cow guy. I started painting cows and have since stopped but when i saw Sam's art work i thought "How beautiful!" and began to paint bovine's once more. His are superlative.
7)Ron Morrison   This fellow paints old abandoned cars. He does an amazing job of it too as they are filled with light and color. Not your average car painting.

These are but a few. I know there are many more and i am thankful for all who drop by and for those sites i visit regularly for daily inspiration. God bless each and every one.


  1. God is simple and so true as he has gifts us all with our art. A gift that allow us the unique ability to express His creation for all eyes to enjoy. We are mini creators in our own, all trying to capture the beauty of His great creations. Thanks for the honor as it is all His! Laurie

  2. Hi Ross,
    Thank you so much for thinking of me for the blog award. However, due to time constraints, I've had to pass on receiving blog awards. I hope you'll understand and pass this nice award on to another. I so appreciate what you share on your blog, too. Blessings,

  3. Hey Ross! Thank you so much for this award. It has been a pleasure to scroll through your blog. "Meena" is cool and your village scenes are quite unique so full of colour. Im also with you on the lady passing starbucks. I will be sure to follow. Happy painting)

  4. Hi Ross, as usual I am a day late and dollar short in picking up my award for Kreativ Blogging. Thanks for your kind words. Your commitment to the watercolor medium is commendable and I'm always happy to find another intense colorist! I always seem stretched for time in gathering info and posting on the Whitney site, but feel it is so important to keep the fire burning for someone who made such an important contribution to our medium. Thanks again!