Saturday, September 5, 2009

A make believe town at a bend in the river.
Some of the town folk and their dogs are out on the ice enjoying the sunny day.... a solitary crow watches from the rooftop.

Watercolor on 400 lb. cold pressed paper.


  1. Ross,I love both of these paintings. I keep seeing more little gems in them the longer I look. The snowy village would make such a great Xmas card!

    How large are these delightful paintings?

  2. Another wonderful one Ross. I would like to see them irl at the gallery. In this one I like how you dropped color into the land not covered with snow.

  3. Hi Christiane, hello Nora.
    The winter scene is about 14 X 20 i believe. Just guessing here as i am not currently at the gallery. The summer one is 17 X 30. I like to do the long format either vertical or horizontal. People have unusual wall spaces, like above a fireplace or in a hall where these odd sizes fit nicely.
    Thank you both for dropping by and for your encouraging words.
    It is so nice to have met you.


  4. Ross, your whimsical paintings are so very unique. There are hints of Mother Goose, Currier and Ives, some of my favorite children's books. I know they must be really a lot of fun to create. Keep on painting these charming scenes.

  5. Ross, These are absolutely beautiful! Having painted in w/c before for years, I find your work both exciting and refreshing!

  6. Hi Ross,

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I'm trying to return the favour!

    These pictures really blow me away; it is very inspiring to see the vibrant colours. It goes to show that even though watercolour is known for soft, muted colours, it can be visually stunning as well. Keep it up, can't wait to see more!