Thursday, July 2, 2009

Mount Joy

Yet another winter scene. The gallery owner i show in was telling me winter scenes are not as popular as summer ones. People feel cold when they look at them I suppose. But i love doing them and can put all kinds of light transparent colors into the snow portions of the painting. And the nice thing is they have ben selling so i shall keep on with them. Just cause i like to do so. This too is watercolor. 


  1. Ooooohhhh I LOVE this one!!!!! I love how the houses are whimsical... they make me think of jellied fruit candies with crunchy white sugar on them! Gorgeous painting!!

  2. Hi Ross! Thanks for the comments on my blog too!
    Do I ever get blocked and how do I get out of it? Yes, I do. That's when I either
    a) keep trying, forcing pen to paper, getting more and more frustrated as I go, or
    b) take a break from art altogether and do something completely different for a short time, like go for a long walk with the dogs, go camping for a weekend, sort through my art room and clean it up, etc.
    c) go blog hopping and oogle what everybody else is doing. That sometimes kick starts me back in.
    The second option b) works every time. The first option a) is something I try first off, usually to find myself getting more and more frustrated til I give up! lol Not a good option. But I'm STUBBORN and try it first every time! lol
    I think option b works because it makes me miss doing art, and I come back to it with an eagerness and positive expectation.
    You could contact me via e-mail (if you wish) which is linked on my profile page and use that for your questions. Just a suggestion!